Intentional Christian Parent Toolbox

Intentional Christian Parenting ToolboxDo you long to be a more intentional Christian parent but don’t know where to start? Do you want to lead your children to Christ in everything you do? If so, then the tools listed here are the first place to start on your journey towards Intentional Christian Parenting.

Because, as Christian parents, we don’t strive to just raise good, well-mannered kids, but we want to go above and beyond that to raising up disciples for Jesus.

So let’s talk about the tools you’ll need to get started. So, you can become the BEST Intentional Christian Parent you can be!

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Intentional Christian Parenting Toolbox

Quiet Time With God

Find time in your day to carve out for just you and God. This is essential to your walk with God and being able to prioritize your life as a mom. Even if it’s just pockets of time with God throughout the day that’s better than nothing!

Bible Study Tools

As a Christian parent, it’s important that you are intimately familiar with your Bible. You’ll need things like a Bible, a year-long Bible reading plan, a Bible study journalBible studies and devotionals, and things like that. See All My Recommended Bible Study Tools here

Prayer Tools

You’ll also want tools to help you develop a stronger prayer life. Because you’ll be regularly praying for your children as a Christian parent. You’ll want things like a prayer journal, prayer cards, a prayer closet or corner, and prayer books.

Scripture Memorization Tools

Having the Sword of the Spirit wielded will help you to share, encourage, and discipline your children using God’s Word. Having scripture memorized will help you to be prepared for those moments. To do that, you’ll need things like scripture flashcards, scripture art, and Bible memory apps.

Christian Friends and Community

Having Christian friends and family that you can turn to for reliable advice and support will make all the difference as you train up your children in the ways of the Lord. And it’s even better if you can find other Christian mom friends to be apart of your Christian support network because they’re right there in the trenches with you.

A Family Mission Statement

A Bible-based and Christ-centered Family Mission Statement can help you and your family to stay focused on God in everything you do. And it will help you to unite together and remember the purpose and mission you have as a family in this life.

Good Parenting Education

Educating yourself in good solid parenting advice that lines up with God’s Word will help you to equip yourself with tips, tricks, and tools to be able to navigate both the still and rough waters of parenting. Things like parenting books, eCourses, and Christian parenting blogs can  help you to grow as a stronger Christian parent.

Family Devotional Tools

Having a daily family devotional can give you and your family a special time to come together to learn about God’s Word and grow in knowing Him better together. You’ll want to equip yourself with things like family devotional books, plans, ideas, tips, activities, etc. These will help you with planning and putting together your family devotionals.

Age-Appropriate Children’s Bibles

While you should definitely read the real Bible to your children, having age-appropriate children’s Bibles can help to paint a picture of the Bible for their visually-stimulated young minds. And they can help kids to better understand the Bible, and more easily get to know God through His Word.

Age-Appropriate Children’s Devotionals

Along with an children’s Bible geared for your child’s age, age-appropriate devotionals are also very important. Because they help to dig deeper into Biblical concepts and answer questions that might be their hearts. Making sure their devotionals are geared towards their age will help them to be able to read them easily and connect with the concepts within them.

Gratitude Tools

Gratitude is an essential thing as any parent. Because there will be moments when you feel so stressed out and like you’ve reached the last straw. But having a grateful heart can really help you to get through, and even come to appreciate, those and every precious moment you have with your children. You’ll want tools that will help you to practice and learn about gratitude like a gratitude journal, gratitude jar, verses on gratitude, and other gratitude-related printables.

Resources to Help Teach About the Bible & God

There are lots of other great resources out there that can help you to teach your children about the Bible, get to know God better, and instill strong Biblical virtues in them. Pickup things like a character curriculum, Christian catechism books (there are non-Catholic ones), and a library of Bible/Christian books, movies, and TV shows. These can greatly assist you in training up your children in the ways of the Lord.

Being an Intentional Christian Parent Starts With the Right Tools

As with anything else, you can’t become an Intentional Christian Parent without the right tools. Some of these tools are absolutely essential (like a Bible and quiet time with God). And others will greatly assist in your journey towards becoming a more intentional parent. So get started today by gathering up the tools I’ve listed above and equipping yourself for the monumental task ahead.

Need Help Putting Together Your Intentional Christian Parenting Toolbox?

I’m here to help! I’ve created a full 240+ page toolbox guide that will help you to put together your Intentional Christian Parenting Toolbox step-by-step. It will help you to dive deeper and go through everything in this list really easily and thoroughly. It includes lessons, workbook questions, action steps, detailed recommendations, and more.

Here’s a preview of what it looks like:

Intentional Christian Parenting Toolbox

You ready to get started being a more intentional Christian parent?

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