Take the Spiritual Spring Cleaning Challenge!

A week long challenge to remove the leaven of sin from your life

Spiritual Spring Cleaning Christian Bible Study Toolkit

Grab our Spiritual Spring Cleaning Printable eKit for just $17! At a value of $36 (if purchased separately), that's a savings of 72%!

Grow stronger in your walk with God

Purging your sin improves your prayer life and overall walk with God.

The Bible says that if we know we're sinning and do nothing about it, the Lord will not hear our prayers (Psalm 66:18). We also know from Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death, but thankfully as Christians we have eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

But salvation isn't a free ticket to sin. As Paul would say, "God forbid!" (Romans 6:15) In fact, Jesus even tells us that if we love Him, we will keep His commandments (John 14:15). But did you know that Jesus is God come in the flesh, and that "His commandments" are all throughout the Bible?

Sin is the transgression of God's commandments (1 John 3:4) and so we must strive, as Christians, to love God with all our hearts by resisting temptations and abstaining from sinning as much as we're able to. Will we slip up? Probably. But it's important that we regularly repent when we realize we have sinned. So that our prayers aren't hindered and our relationship with God stays strong.

In a world that is so sinful, it can be really easy to get grimed up with the stank of the world. Without even realizing it, sin could gain a foothold in your life. But it's never too late to repent. And it's good to routinely take stock of your heart and your life, to examine if there is any sin building up.

The Spiritual Spring Cleaning Challenge Printable eKit is here to help with that. It includes a 7-day printable challenge study with workbook, printable scripture memorization cards, printable prayer cards, a printable prayer journal for each day of the challenge, and 2 scripture art printables to help with encouragement. 

Transform your life in a big way today!

Here's what's included in this amazing digital challenge eKit:

Spiritual Spring Cleaning Challenge Workbook

Value: $9

Challenge Study + Workbook

The 7-Day challenge + Editable PDF printable workbook digs deep into one category of sin each day so you can do a search and purge in your own life. Includes a sin purge checklist and worksheet so you can take actionable steps to resisting turning back to the sins that tempt you most. Each day explores 2-3 related scriptures and challenges you with 4-5 fill-in-the-blank questions. Plus includes a blank notes section.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning Challenge - Scripture Cards

Value: $5

Scripture Memory Cards

As you work through the Spiritual Spring Cleaning challenge there are scriptures to focus on each day of the challenge. Memorizing these scriptures is a great way battle the sin in your life. Four scriptures for each day are included as scripture cards, plus four extra vital scriptures that are essential for any spiritual warfare. These beautiful scripture memorization cards come in 3 sizes: 3x5, 4x6, and 5x8. Each size includes 32 scripture cards, 1 blank card, and  a cover card for each one (so 34 scripture cards for each size).

Spiritual Spring Cleaning - Prayer Journal

Value: $7

Prayer Journal for Each Day

As you go through each day of this challenge you will most definitely need to lean into God in order to get through. A prayer journal helps you to create a prayer "battle plan" so you know how to pray for a certain struggle you are facing (or in this case sin you are trying to turn from). The prayer journal pages included in this kit are structured one for each day of the challenge and includes spaces for scripture related to your prayer(s) for the day, spaces to brainstorm what you need to pray for that day, and a box to write out your own prayer(s).

Spiritual Spring Cleaning - Prayer Cards

Value: $5

6 Prayers Cards (Plus 6 Blank)

Included with your Spiritual Spring Cleaning eKit you'll get six pre-written prayers (one each for day's 1-6). These prayers are written based on the scriptures for each day of the challenge. You also get a page of 6 blank prayer cards for you to write your own prayers based on scripture that pertains specifically to your situation. All the prayer cards are formatted 6 per page. Simply print them out, cut them up, and laminate if possible to keep them sturdy.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning Challenge - Scripture Art

Value: $10

2 Scripture Art Printables

The Spiritual Spring Cleaning eKit includes two beautiful and original scripture art printables. One is from James 4:7 and the other from Philippians 4:13. Both are powerful promises that God gifts us with in His Word and are great for use in spiritual warfare. Both scripture art printables are in 8x10 size and would look great hung up around your home. Or put them in your planner, your war room, or wherever you think you'll find the most joy from them.

Don't let sin come between you and God!

Purge the sin from your life today and reap the reward of a closer walk with God.

editable pdf workbook + more

The workbook, blank prayer cards, and prayer journal are all editable PDFs so you can print them out OR edit them right from your computer -- your preference!

Instant digital delivery

All pieces in the Spiritual Spring Cleaning eKit are in digital format and are instantly delivered to you after a successful payment. Start the challenge TODAY!

the tools to help you overcome sin

Sin can come in bit by bit and before you know it, it's all over your life. This kit will help you to pinpoint areas of sin and give you the tools to help overcome it once and for all.

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