Spend QUALITY Time As A Family

The years go by quickly. Don't waste it staring at screens.start spending quality time together as a family...TODAY!

The Big List of Screen Free Family Activities Checklist

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don't miss out on this season with your family

Your family won't always be all together under one roof. Make the most of it!

It can be all too easy to forget that your family, as it is right now, will not always be this close. Your children will grow up and move out and you won't ever be able to get this time you have with them RIGHT NOW back.

And even though that is kind of a sad thought, it is also a good motivator for making the absolute most of the time you have with your children and your family as it is right now, while you are all under one roof.

Spending time on individual devices or in front of the TV "as a family" isn't making the most of your time together. It's allowing time to pass you by, and before you know it your children will be moving out and you'll wonder where the time went and why you didn't spend more quality time with them.

While you can't make time slow down, you can make the most of the time you have with them. And this screen free activity ideas checklist can help!

This FREE 9 page printable checklist of screen free family activities includes:

  • Over 100 screen-free family activity ideas 
  • Organized by season (and year-round) activities for your convenience
  • Marked with icons to indicate "at home" and "going out" activities
  • check
    Ideas for all types of families in all different seasons
  • check
    Checkboxes so you can keep track of what you've already tried
  • check
    Blank spaces and pages to add your own activity ideas
  • check
    Checklist pages that can help you to set goals to be a more active, close, and involved family

get up, and grow closer as a family

You won't ever grow closer as a family in front of screens all day, but you can change that TODAY!

pdf format for easy reading or printing

This checklist is delivered in PDF format, which is easy to read and/or print from most devices.

set goals and keep track of what you've done

Set a goal as a family to try everything on the list! Then keep track of what you've done so far with the handy checkboxes.

stop letting your devices steal your time

Don't fall into the trap of giving everyone a different device and then going to your separate corners. Make a change today!

don't wait until tomorrow...make a change today!

Time passes whether we are ready or not. Make TODAY the day you start spending more time together as a family.

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