Easy Boat on Water Noah’s Ark Preschool Craft

Noah's Ark Preschool CraftToday I wanted to share with you guys an easy little Noah’s Ark preschool craft. It’s a Cherrios boat on blue construction paper with clouds. Continue reading for instructions on how to incorporate the story while you make this Noah’s Ark craft with your little one.

Noah’s Ark Craft Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:

Noah’s Ark Preschool Craft Instructions:

Noah's Ark Craft for Preschoolers

First gather your supplies. All of these things you more than likely already have on hand. If you don’t have Cherrios, then you can substitute popsicle sticks, or use dried beans.

One of the nice things about using a small cereal (or beans) is that it also gives them some fine motor practice since they have to pick up a small object and place them on the line. So, I’d recommend the cereal or beans over the popsicle sticks, although the popsicle sticks would look a lot better!

Cut waves out of dark blue paper and glue to the bottom of the light blue paper. I did the main waves for my son and then I let him cut some extra little strips and pieces which we added on for a “3D” effect.

Noah's Ark Preschool Craft

With a black marker (Sharpie) draw a boat shape for your child to use as a reference so they know where to glue the cereal. Please excuse my awful attempts at drawing a boat! lol Pretty bad. 🙂 Thankfully kids don’t mind horrible drawing so much. 😉

At first we were trying to add glue to each piece of cereal, but that didn’t work out so great. So I’d recommend adding the glue to the paper (along the lines) and then having your child place the cereal. You can also let them use a glue stick here for practice.

As your child adds the Cherrios along the outlines, share the story about how Noah built a boat because he was obeying God’s instructions. Here are some ideas on how to talk about the story with them:

  • Talk about how a Cherrios boat is silly because it would have way too many holes to float! But obeying God is more important than looking silly. Lots of people thought Noah was silly for building a boat, but he did it anyways because it’s what God told him to do.
  • Talk about how even though lots of people made fun of Noah, he obeyed God. And because he obeyed God, Noah and his family were the only people in the whole world who were saved. It’s always important to obey God, even if we don’t understand why He asks us to do something.
  • Tell your child that we’re helping Noah build his boat! Although the real boat was SO MUCH bigger. It was about the size of one and a half football fields…and only Noah and his family built it. Talk about how God gives us strength to do whatever He wants us to do.

Noah's Ark Toddler Craft

After the Cherrios are all glued on, glue on the clouds. As you glue them here’s a few things you could talk about:

  • Discuss how rain comes from clouds. Tell them that God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights, that’s longer than a month! God must be really powerful to be able to make it rain so much.
  • Tell them how there was so much rain that it covered the whole world. Only Noah, his family, and the animals on the ark were safe. Talk about how we are always safe with God, but when we disobey God we can get hurt. So it’s important that we always obey God.

Easy Noah's Ark Boat on Water Preschool Craft

Once your child is done making the Noah’s Ark craft, you could read the Noah’s Ark story from the Bible or a Children’s Bible (we love this one, this one, and this one the most), and/or a Noah’s Ark story book (like this onethis one, or this one). Then have a snack (Cherrios? lol) and watch a Noah’s Ark movie. We love The Beginner’s Bible Noah’s Ark movie.

Hope you have fun with this simple Noah’s Ark preschool craft! Comment below if you try it out and what you think or if you have any suggestions.

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