12 Must Have Kitchen Organization Products

12 Must Have Kitchen Organization ProductsI don’t know about you, but in our house, the kitchen seems to get the most chaotic easiest. Do you find this to be true, too? It seems like it’s the central hub, or command center if you will. So kitchen organization products are a must! Thankfully there are a lot of great kitchen organization tools available out there. Some of which work great, and others not so much.

In this post I’m going to round up 12 must have kitchen organization products. Most of these are ones that have stood the test of time in our house. Then there are others which I’m really wanting to try to solve some other areas of disorganization in our kitchen.

Without further adieu, here are 12 kitchen organization tools you don’t want to miss (in no particular order):

Spice Rack Door Mount

While we have a little spice cabinet/potato and onion bin combo, I’ve often thought about switching to a door mounted spice rack to save space. Utilizing door space in kitchens is a must if you’re limited on space. And spices are the perfect thing to place inside a door, especially a door near your stove.

Shelf Risers / Tiers

We used shelf tiers for quite awhile and then somewhere along the line they disappeared and I can’t find them! Don’t ask me how you lose this sort of thing because I have no idea. Anyways, shelf risers / tiers are a great kitchen organization tool because they keep you from wasting space and losing track of things in the back of cabinets.

Trash and Recycle Organizer

This is an item that I really want to try out, although I don’t know if we have the space for it. But if you recycle or want to start recycling, a smaller scale trash / recycle organizer is a great idea to have right in your kitchen. That way you can sort things right out of the gate and then just dump them into your bigger bin when it gets filled up.

Drawer Dividers

If we’re talking about kitchen organization tools then drawer dividers have got to make that list! These can help to keep those junk drawers from getting too chaotic. Although, you do still have to perform upkeep on those problem drawers, it at least gives you a good foundation for keeping everything in it’s proper place.

Cleaning Caddy

I love having a cleaning caddy under our kitchen sink because I can just carry it to the area of the house I need to clean, and then just pop it back under the sink when I’m done. It can have all of your cleaning tools and cleaners all in one space. Make sure you get a big enough one though. I bought one from the dollar store and it’s way too small to fit any of our cleaning bottles, so I need to get a bigger one.

Door Mounted Wrap Rack

There’s no sense in your aluminum foil, parchment paper, etc. taking up valuable space in a drawer. Instead, mount a rack made for them (or a metal magazine rack) to the inside of a door under your kitchen sink. Then they are easy to grab and out of the way.

Stackable Can Rack Organizer

I absolutely want to get some stackable can rack organizers because they seem like they would help reign in our pantry a lot better, plus keep older stock at the front. These are specially designed to rotate out the oldest cans first and keep them organized. The only down side would be if you don’t have a lot of cans of something, then it won’t be useful. So using a combination of these for the cans you have a lot of, and the cabinet tiers would be good for your can shelf.

Bulk Food Containers

These are a must for things like flour, sugar, etc. They keep your bulk food fresh and safe from critters. My favorites are the Snapware square grip canisters, but you can use pretty much anything from jars to Tupperware. It can also be fun to print out pretty labels for them too. You can even print them right off onto label paper.

Refrigerator Command Center

Making your refrigerator your command center location is a great way to save wall space. We have access to the side of our fridge and I’d love to do this soon. But even if you don’t have access to the side, you can use the front. There are lots of premade command centers that you can use. Or you can put together your own with a calendar, white board, clips, etc. If something isn’t already magnetic, you can use Command hooks or magnetic hooks to hang them. Think about what you want to include in your command center and what you would need to make that happen.

Plastic Bags Door Mount

I know a lot of people don’t use plastic grocery bags anymore. But we actually like to use them for bathroom and other small trash cans throughout the house so we do use them and keep them for that purpose. A door mounted plastic bag dispenser is a great way to keep them organized and out of the way, while still easily accessible.

Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan

We have this huge corner cabinet in our kitchen that always ends up having things stuffed into the back corners that we lose track of. My plan is to put a corner cabinet┬áLazy Susan in it so that we can be able to get to the stuff in the back and the front. It’s a classic kitchen organization tool, but one that is timeless. Thankfully, if your cabinets don’t come with one built in, there are ones you can buy, or make your own.

Small Baskets and Containers

Small baskets and containers are a among one of the simplest kitchen organization products. They may be a simple idea, but can help so much! You can get all different sizes, shapes, and styles of baskets and containers to use in your kitchen cabinets to reign in smaller items like sauce packets, tea bags, and more. There are all sorts of options for any budget or need.

There are lots of great kitchen organization products!

Organizing your kitchen can be a lot of fun and will make working in your kitchen so much less stressful. By taking a little time to research and implement a few kitchen organization tools, you can turn your kitchen from chaotic to functional fairly easily.

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