Ways to Teach Kids About the Bible and God

Ways to Teach Kids About the Bible and GodLearning how to teach kids about the Bible might seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are a lot of ways to teach children about the Bible and to teach children about God. You just have to get creative as you teach kids the Bible. Because doing all of this will ultimately teach children about Jesus too!

One of the common misconceptions when it comes to teaching children about the Bible is that you have to go to extreme lengths with elaborate lessons and crafts in order for them to learn anything. But that’s just not true. While big lessons about the Bible are a great way to teach children about God, they aren’t the only way.

In fact, it’s most important to learn how to change your lifestyle to naturally fall into teaching your children about God. There are many ways to do this, but it should most definitely be a daily occurrence. And the more that you learn how to integrate teaching your kids about God, the more easily and naturally it will become.

And thankfully there are a lot of great tools and resources out there to help! Today I’d like to share some ideas to help you teach kids about the Bible easier and in a way that is more integrating into your everyday life.

Let’s get started learning how to teach children about God and the Bible so you can make the changes you need to today!

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Children’s Ministry at Church

This is probably the most obvious place to start when talking about how to teach children the Bible. But it’s also probably something you’re already doing, so I wanted to start easy. 😉

Every week your kids more than likely head to church to learn more about the Bible, God, and Jesus. And so this makes it a wonderful time to teach kids about Jesus and the Bible. Because you’re probably already doing it!

One thing I do want to note though is that you’ll want to always check in with your kids about what they’re learning in their classes. Because it’s good to make sure that what they’re learning lines up with God’s Word. You’d be surprised how many churches are teaching things contrary to God’s Word. So you need to stay on top of this.

Children’s Bibles

Another essential way to teach kids about the Bible is to, well, give them one! It might seem obvious, but finding age-appropriate children’s Bibles for each of your kids is essential to teaching children about God.

I have a big post breaking down how to choose a children’s Bible by age group that you’ll be interested in reading as you select a children’s Bible for your kids. But don’t skip this one. It’s definitely a must-have to teach kids the Bible.

Here are some of my favorite Children’s Bibles for different ages to choose from:

Children’s Bible Story Books

While reading from the big Bible and children’s Bibles are a great way to teach children the Bible, individual Bible story books can be great too! And there are so many to choose from for whatever story you’re working on teaching your children.

What I also love about children’s Bible story books is that they typically go a little more in depth with the story you’re reading to them. They also are a great way to teach kids to read while using stories from the Bible. And they come in all kinds of different reading levels — including early reader books!

So as you go through a certain Bible story, head over to Amazon or your local library and select some Bible story books that go along with what you’re teaching them about. Some of our favorites are the Alice in Bibleland books, the Beginner’s Bible I Can Read books, the Arch Bible Story Books, and the Happy Day Bible Story Books. But there are all sorts of options for all different ages. Here are just a few:

Children’s Devotionals

Along with age-appropriate children’s Bibles and Bible story books, another great tool to teach kids about the Bible are children’s devotionals. Devotionals are a bit different that Bibles or Bible story books because they give your kids the opportunity to really think deeper about what the Bible says on different topics.

There are a lot of different themed devotionals and ones for all different ages that will appeal to any child. Training your children to have daily devotionals is an important step as you teach children about God. And it’s a lifelong habit that will bless them and that they will greatly benefit from in their spiritual walks.

I have a big post breaking down the best Children’s devotionals by age, so be sure to check that out. But here are some of my favorite options for different ages:

Character and Virtue Training Resources

Building Biblical character into your children is critical as you teach children about Jesus and how to walk like Him. And there are a lot of great resources out there that specifically aim towards training up your children in these core Biblical character traits.

From books that teach kids about specific virtues to whole character training curriculum’s. You can even find fun little games and activities that you can do with your kids to train them up in different Biblical virtues.

Even if you don’t homeschool your children, incorporating a character training curriculum into their days and weeks can make such a big difference as you teach them about God. My favorites have been the We Choose Virtues curriculum and the Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue curriculum. But there are a lot of other great character training resources too.

Here are a few great options for character training books, curriculums and resources:

Christian Catechism Books

I didn’t actually know this for awhile, but did you know that there are a lot of great catechism books for non-Catholics too? Our family isn’t Catholic so when I heard about these I was a bit hesitant and curious. But it turns out that catechism books are simply books that teach kids core concepts about the Christian faith in the form of questions/answers and easy to remember tidbits.

There are, of course, Catholic ones, but if you aren’t Catholic (like us) then there are still a lot of great ones out there that help to teach children about God and foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. And they can be a wonderful tool to help teach kids the Bible.

What we will do in our family is pick one catechism from a catechism book to repeat throughout the week. Then we’ll move on to another. We have The New City Catechism book and it works out perfectly because there’s 52 different questions in there (so one per week). But there are other great Christian catechism books, songs, and resources out there to help with this too. And I’ll link to a few of them below:

Christian Homeschool Curriculums

Whether you homeschool or not, having a good Christian homeschool curriculum can be a great way to teach children the Bible.

If you are a homeschooling family, then having something that is centered around Christ to teach your children from is a must for instilling Biblically values and concepts into your children’s hearts.

But even if you don’t homeschool, selecting a simple and fun Christian homeschool curriculum can be a great way to structure teaching your children about God on a regular basis. You could even make it as simple as doing one lesson per week during the evenings or on the weekends.

Because even if your children go to school outside of the home, it’s still your responsibility as a Christian parent to train them up in the ways of the Lord. And a Christian homeschool Bible curriculum will help you to do that.

Children’s Scripture Memorization Tools

Teaching children to memorize God’s Word is equivalent to equipping them with The Sword of the Spirit. And doing that is one of the best ways to teach kids about the Bible. Because they will need to learn how to wield their Sword in times of temptations, struggles, and hardships.

And there are a lot of great tips and tools you can use to help children learn how to memorize scripture. I talk a lot more about them in my post here. But however you choose to go about it, helping your kids learn to memorize scripture is a must as you teach children about God.

Here are some great tools to help you teach you kids to memorize scripture:

Christian/Bible Movies and TV Shows for Kids

I know, I know, screens are bad for kids. I get it. And I’m sure we all try our best to limit their screen time. But there will be times when your kids will want to sit down and watch a movie or TV show. And when those times come, it’s great to have some options that will also help to teach them about God and the Bible.

There are a lot of great Christian movies and Bible story movies out there that can help teach kids the Bible and even teach children about Jesus! But it can take some hunting to find them. Probably my favorite though is the Theo series, which are very short (like 10 minutes each) but packed full of lessons about the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. And they’re so cute too!

Here are some of our other favorite Christian and Bible movies and TV shows that I’m sure you’ll love too:

Christian/Bible Board Games

Board games can be a fun way to turn off the screens and enjoy family time together. But they can also be a great way to teach kids about the Bible if you choose board games strategically.

There are a lot of great Bible board games out there for all age levels that can incorporate learning the Bible for your kids while you have fun as a family. Just be sure to choose ones that are actually geared towards educating. While just-for-fun Bible board games are great, if your goal is to teach children the Bible, you’ll need to make sure the board game you choose is going to actually do that.

Below I’ve included some suggestions for Christian/Bible board games that will help to teach kids about God and the Bible while you have fun as a family too.

Other Christian/Bible Games and Activities

Board games aren’t the only kinds of games out there that can teach kids the Bible. There are all sorts of great games and activities that you can do as a family to help your children learn about God too.

There are entire activity books that will help you to learn how to teach your children about the Bible. And there’s even a plethora of wonderful games and printables that people have come up with for children of all ages.

So pick out some great Christian games and activities to do as a family and make it really fun and enjoyable teach children about Jesus along the way.

Christian/Bible Toys

Alongside board games and activities, there are also a lot of great toys geared towards helping you teach kids about the Bible. From Little People sets, to puzzles, to dress-up costumes, and even stuffed animals that will help children learn about the Bible. There are so many great toys out there to help your kids have fun while learning about God.

Because the truth is that your children are going to want to play with toys. It’s just part of childhood. And so it’s a great opportunity to incorporate teaching them about the Bible while they play.

Teach your children that learning about the Bible can be fun and enjoyable. And with the help of toys geared toward Christians, you can do just that. Have a look at some of my suggestions for Bible and Christian related toys below for some ideas.

Family Devotional Times

Another wonderful time to teach kids about the Bible is during family devotional times. This is a special time that you come together to study the Bible as a family. I have an article which outlines how to start your own family devotional, step-by-step, so be sure to check that out here.

Studying the Bible together as a family is essential as you teach children about God and the Bible. It’s a crucial time for you to guide and train them up in how to study the Bible and how to spend time learning about God.

Here are some great tools to start your own family devotional time:

Christian Friends, Family, and Community

Having a solid network of Christian friends, family, and community will help teach your children about Jesus because it will show them exactly what it looks like to live a life for Jesus. Having people in their lives who are a good influence on them and who steer them back towards God is such a blessing.

If you don’t have close friends or family who are Christians, then consider reaching out to the Body of Christ to make more Christian friends and to build a network of support that can really come alongside you to teach your children about living out the Bible.

Other Christ-Centered Programs

Outside of Sunday (or Sabbath) School, there are a lot of great Christian programs that can help teach kids the Bible and about God. Things like AWANA, Trail Life USA (Christian alternative to Boy Scouts), American Heritage Girls (Christian alternative to Girl Scouts), Christian play groups, Christian homeschool co-ops, etc. A lot of local Christian private schools will even allow you to bring your children into their sports and extracurricular activities as well.

Having additional outside Christian influences from programs like these can be another great way to have opportunities to teach your children the Bible and lead them towards Christ. To get started, just search around for local Christian programs near you, or for branches of the national programs I mentioned above in your area.

You Can Teach Kids About The Bible and God!

There are a lot of great ways to incorporate teaching your children about the Bible and God. The key is to making it something that is a normal part of their everyday life. Teach your children that God isn’t something to be compartmentalized in their lives, but rather the forefront of every choice they make. And guide them in how to make choices that will always lead them back to Jesus.

It can take some intentional planning on your part, but you will find that it is well worth the results that you see in your precious children as they come to learn and love to learn about God.

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