The Ultimate List of FREE Homeschool Resources

The Ultimate List of Free Homeschool Resources

One of the most wonderful things about homeschooling in this day and age is that we have quite literally a plethora of information and resources at our fingertips with the internet. There are even so many free homeschool resources out there, but it can be hard to find the ones you need.

Below I’ve compiled (and will continue compiling) a list of free homeschool resources for you grouped by subject. Each subject then has subcategories for full free homeschool curriculum (if available) and additional/supplemental resources for that subject. Resources with a  next to them are Christian based or designed for a Christian audience.

If you have ANY awesome FREE homeschool resources that you’d like to add, please leave a comment and I will consider adding them to the list!

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Multiple Subjects

Complete Free Homeschool Curriculum

Additional/Supplemental Free Resources for Multiple Subjects


Complete Free Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Additional/Supplemental Free Christian Homeschool Resources

English/Language Arts

Complete Free Language Arts Curriculum

Additional/Supplemental Free Language Arts Homeschool Resources


Complete Free Math Homeschool Curriculum

Additional/Supplemental Free Math Homeschool Resources


Complete Free Science Homeschool Curriculum

Additional/Supplemental Free Science Homeschool Resources

History/Social Studies/Geography

Complete Free History/Geography Homeschool Curriculum

Additional/Supplemental Free History/Geography Homeschool Resources

Know of any other free homeschool resources? Leave a comment about it and I’ll consider adding it to the list!

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