The Best Bibles for Babies

The Best Bibles for BabiesDo you read the Bible to your children from the moment they’re born? Perhaps you think that you need to wait until they’re a little older, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! An important part of raising Godly kids is to to start exposing them to God’s Word from the very beginning.

Thankfully there are all kinds of great resources out there to assist in exposing little ones to the Bible, it’s core stories, messages, and morals. There are a countless array of books, devotionals, and even Bibles that are all geared towards children. And even some that are great for even the youngest child.

In this list I will share with you some great options for Bibles for babies who are 0-2 years old. In future posts I will share some more options for toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond. But in this post we’ll focus on some choices for babies.

What should you look for in a Bible for a baby?

Before I get to the list, let’s first talk a little bit about what you should look for in Bibles for babies. There are a lot of options out there, but when you’re shopping for children who are specifically 0-2 years old, here’s some things to look for in a baby Bible:

  • Durable and can take even the most “loving” abuse from a little one.
  • Lots of bright and colorful pictures for little eyes to enjoy.
  • Not a whole lot of text at this point, short and to the point to match short attention spans.
  • Interactive is a big plus (touch and feel, flaps, noises, etc.)
  • Accuracy and Biblically-based (although it doesn’t have to get too in depth at this point)

At this point in your child’s life they will not be reading their little Bibles on their own, but they will certainly be interacting with them. And making sure that it’s an enjoyable and memorable experience for them will help to instill a joy for sitting and reading the Bible with you. This is what is most important at this stage.

Why you should have a variety of Bibles for babies.

Having a variety of different Bibles for your babies (and children) is a good idea for a variety of reasons.

The biggest reason is that most baby Bibles can only have a certain amount of stories in them. There’s no way that all the stories from the Bible can fit into a picture Bible. So having multiple Bibles on hand for your baby will make sure you are exposing them to as many of the stories from the Bible as possible.

The other main reason that it’s good to have a variety of different Bibles for your children is to keep them interested. Kids (of all ages, but in particular when they’re young) have very short attention spans. New toys and books are great at first, but they can get bored easily. And we don’t want your children to get bored of God’s Word. We want to instill a feeling of excitement and joy for reading God’s Word from a young age.

Having multiple different Bibles with different types of pictures and interactions keeps things interesting for your kids and will help them to want to keep coming back for more.

Bibles for Babies (ages 0-2)

Now let’s get to the list. Here are some great options for baby Bibles that you can try. As I said above, I definitely suggest trying more than one of these. Have as many on hand as you are willing to purchase. The more you expose your children to God’s Word, the better! 🙂

Baby’s First Bible Stories by Parragon Books

This was the very first Bible I bought for my first child and we still use it. It is a board book with a padded cover and includes 12 Bible stories and each one is one page with a big picture on the opposite page. They are short and each one includes a mini prayer at the bottom of the story (like: “Thank you God for saving the animals”).

Of course, it doesn’t get too in depth with the stories, but that’s to be expected from a baby Bible. However, I think it’s a good choice for a baby Bible because it’s colorful and the stories are short.

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Baby’s Hug-A-Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

We recently purchased this one and it’s so sweet. It is a board book with a soft fleece cover that’s “huggable”. 🙂 It includes 10 Bible stories that are formatted with the story on one page and a big colorful picture on the opposite page.

The “stories” for this one aren’t so much a story but rather a rhyme about the story. I like that it rhymes because babies love to hear that rhythmic kind of talk so it will keep their interest nicely. You could even come up with a little tune to “sing” them instead of just reading them.

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Touch and Feel Bible Stories by Beverly Larson

Babies love things they can touch and so I love this touch and feel Bible story book. It’s a board book with one touchy-feely thing on each page. It includes 5 stories and each story takes up two pages with lots of colorful pictures.

The pictures are really sweet and whimsical and I like that each of the touch and feel places aren’t all fur. There is a basket for baby Moses and sandpaper for the beach that Jonah was spit out on, etc. So there’s a good variety.

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Lift-the-Flap Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones

Even though babies won’t be able to lift the flaps on this one until maybe around one or one-and-a-half, this is a good one from day one. Because babies love to see things appear before their very eyes, and lift the flap books do just that. I love the Bibles for babies that have things to do and interact with. I find that these work out the best for little ones.

This one is a board book that includes 14 stories and over 40 flaps for your baby to enjoy. Like most other baby Bibles, each story takes up two pages.

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My Pajama Bible by Andy Holmes

This one is a colorful board book with an impressive 30 Bible stories. Each story takes up two pages and is very short, just a few sentences, which is good for babies.

This is another one that uses rhyming for the stories, which is really great for super little ones, as babies are going to love listening to your voice and looking at the pictures more than anything else at this point. It also includes fun colorful pictures for each story, which is of course a must for a baby Bible. 🙂

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His (and Her) First Bibles by Melody Carlson

These two do not come in board book style, which is a downside to using these with little babies. However, I did think that they were worth mentioning because the stories are in a poetry type format and are only about 1-2 sentences long, which is great for a baby. And they also include a big picture for each story. I’m not as big of a fan of the illustrations in these though, they just aren’t as cutesy.

But I still think these can be a good option, especially as a baby shower gift or first birthday gift.

Each one contains 41 Bible stories and both of them have exactly the same stories except for the covers are different.

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Baby Bibles are a great way to introduce God’s Word to your little ones

I think it’s wonderful that we have access to such great resources that can help to train our children up in the ways of the Lord. Whether it be specialty Bibles for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond. These kinds of story books are a wonderful way to introduce God’s Word in a fun and interactive way that will cultivate a love for the stories and the messages that God’s Word has to share with your little ones.

But I would like to make a note here that reading the REAL Bible to your children is also vital. Reading these fun little Bible story collections should not be a replacement to reading God’s Word straight from the Bible to your children. Take time to introduce them to the “big Bible”, even from infancy.

Let them see your own love for God’s Word so that they have a good example to follow.

I hope these help you and your little ones dive in to God’s truths from the earliest age. And if I missed a good Bible for babies, please feel free to comment below and let me know! I’d love to keep adding to this list as I find new ones. 🙂

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