Do You Want a Stronger & More Powerful Prayer Life?

Explore the Prayer Journal Kit designed to organize and motivate you to pray more consistently and powerfully.

Prayer Journal

Printable Prayer Journal Kit

This Printable Prayer Journal kit is your all in one solution to developing a habit of prayer every day. Grow your prayer life with the reference lists, prayer planning tools, prayer journal pages, and more included in this bundle.

The Prayer Journal Bundle Will Help You To:

  • Pray more consistently for your friends, family, life, and all the prayer requests on your list.
  • Remember what and who to pray for so that you can develop a well rounded prayer life.
  • Develop a regular and consistent prayer habit that will grow and grow the more you use the journal.
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    Learn how to translate scriptures into prayers for your life and the lives of those around you.
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    Finally have a solid prayer plan for your life, your husband, children, The Church, the world, and all the other areas of your life.

This thorough and life changing printable bundle is available for immediate download (PDF) for just $17.

What's included in the Prayer Journal bundle?

This printable prayer journal includes 38 pages (and counting) and 8 cover options with front, back, and 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", and 3" bindings in the 8.5"x11" size. The 8 cover options include the rainbow cover, and then versions in pink, purple, blue, teal, green, orange, and yellow. All 8 color options are included in the "Original (Rainbow)" design option. After purchasing you will have access to all future updates and new pages added to the design and size option you purchase (more designs and size options to come).

The journal will be immediately delivered to your email after successful payment in an Editable PDF format. Which means that you can either print the journal out or use it as an editable PDF for a completely digital journal. Whatever you're more comfortable with.

Let's explore a bit more what kinds of pages are included...

Prayer Planning Tools

The Prayer Planning Tools You've Been Searching For

Includes a Prayer Requests page, Weekly Prayer Plan pages (in 3 different customizable versions), Prayer Notes, a Blank Prayer Calendar, and a Pre-Written Prayer Calendar based on the prayer prompts included in the kit.

Prayer Prompts

Prayer Prompts to Help You Remember What to Pray 

The prayer prompts pages include 6 categories that are common areas to pray over: Your Self, Your Husband, Your Children, The Church, The World, and Praise & Thanks. Also included is a blank prayer prompt page to add your own categories.

Each category includes areas that are good to pray over regularly. These can be used in conjunction with the prayer planning tools to develop a full fledged plan.

Prayer Journal Pages

Flexible Prayer Journal Pages to Keep You Organized and Consistent in Your Prayer Life

The prayer journal includes 4 versions of the prayer journal pages. The first one is great to use in conjunction with the default prayer prompt categories you want to pray for each day, then 2 extra guided prayer journal pages, and finally a blank lined prayer journal page that you can use for whatever you'd like.

Also included are 10 prayer journal section heading pages and one blank one to make your own sections.

Learn About Prayer

Tools to Help You Learn How to Pray More Powerfully

Also included within the prayer journal are several pages designed to help you dive deeper into HOW to pray and how to pray more powerfully. There are pages designed to teach you how to pray scripture, references to verses about prayer (with space to ad your own) and even a checklist page of books to read on prayer.

About Me

My name is Sarah. I’m a passionate follower of Jesus and a happily married mom of two little ones. I created this Prayer Journal because I wanted to pray more consistently, diligently, and powerfully over all the areas of my life: my husband, children, The Church, the world, etc. And I felt like I couldn't find a good system to do that. So I made one! I also know that prayer is a powerful thing and I wanted to share this Prayer Journal with other women who want to grow as prayer warriors themselves. I hope and pray it helps you too!


I believe that our lives our not our own, but we should serve God in every area of our lives as parents, wives, and women. I have a passion to share that with others and teach my sister's in Christ how to do that in their own lives. You can learn more about me and the Ministry Minded Mom blog here.

How can this prayer journal change your life?

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