Sin Separates Us From God Object Lesson Booklet

Teach Children The DANGER of Sin

the most dangerous thing you can do is to not teach kids about what happens when they sin.

don’t let that happen. kids need to know! teach them with this free object lesson.

Sin Separates Us From God Balloon Object Lesson Pack

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Sin Separates Us From God Balloon Object Lesson Pack

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teach even the youngest child about sin

It can be hard to teach kids an abstract concept such as sin. This object lesson can help!

Teaching kids abstract concepts that they can’t physically see can be challenging. Which is why object lessons that demonstrate spiritual concepts are such a valuable teaching tool for young children. They bring these touch concepts down a level that even the youngest child can understand.

The Sin Separates Us From God Balloon Object Lesson is intended to help teach kids about how sin affects our relationship with God. It demonstrates how sin drags us down and draws us further from God because He is holy.

It visually shows children how when we repent and let go of that sin, we are once again able to draw closer to God. But when we hang on to our sins and continue doing them, we can easily get further and further sucked down into the world and away from God.

This FREE object lesson is a 7 page printable booklet that includes:

  • Step by step instructions on how to do the object lesson
  • A teacher’s guide built right in so that you know exactly what to say each step of the way
  • A detailed supplies checklist (very little needed)
  • An overview of the lesson
  • Lesson setup instructions to help you prepare ahead of time
  • Details on how to talk about the concept before and after the object lesson
  • An it’s all wrapped up in a beautiful and whimsical design that’s attractive and fun

give children the gift of understanding

The first step to growing to know Jesus better is understanding what living Biblically means.

pdf format for easy reading or printing

This object lesson booklet is delivered in PDF format, which is easy to read on most devices or print it out if you prefer.


Kids need visuals to understand more abstract concepts. This object lesson is designed to be very visual for children.


Object lessons don’t have to be complicated to be effective. This one is easy to setup and yet very effective.

don’t wait to teach kids about the dangers of sin

This is a vital lesson that children MUST know. Don’t put off teaching it to them. START TODAY!

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