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A week long challenge to remove the leaven of sin from your life

The Spiritual Spring Cleaning email challenge only opens up once a year during the week of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (following Passover).


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The Spiritual Spring Cleaning email challenge only opens up once a year during the week of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (following Passover).

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Grow closer in your walk with God

Purge the sin from your life and your walk with God will be stronger.

God's Word tells us that sin can hinder our prayer life and walks with God (Psalm 66:18). Sin can drive a wedge between you and God because God is holy.

Even once we have salvation through Jesus Christ, we still have to consciously make an effort to abstain from sin because it still very much affects us. Until the day that we come into our glorified bodies we are instructed to occupy until Jesus returns (Luke 19:13).

We are to be examples to others on how to live (Luke 11:33), the salt of the earth, like a light on a hill that cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:13-16). And unfortunately, we can still fall into sin. So we must strive to discipline ourselves to search and purge sin from our lives on a regular basis.

Each year the Feast of Unleavened Bread gives us the opportunity to do just that for one week. And to celebrate the freedom we have from sin through Jesus Christ, we open up our Spiritual Spring Cleaning 7-day Email Challenge to purge sin from our lives.

Join us this year as we purge the leaven of sin from our lives and grow closer and stronger in our walks with God.

change your life in a big way today

And let God's Word transform you...all for His Glory!

each day's challenge is emailed to you

Each day of this 7-day challenge is emailed straight to your inbox. So you won't miss a thing!  Work through one each day or at your own pace.

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Along with the daily challenge email you will get several worksheets to help you dive deep plus some free scripture memorization cards!

actionable steps to take each day

When you receive each day's email you will get a lesson, scripture to meditate on, and actionable steps to take that day.

get started making a Difference today

God has given us the instructions. But it's up to us to follow them.

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