Homemade Carpet Spot Cleaner Recipe

Homemade Carpet Spot Cleaner RecipeCarpets get nasty so easily with kids (and pets) around the house. And so we always need to have a plan on hand to tackle those spills of various degrees.

You could keep an arsenal of chemical-filled carpet cleaners on hand…Or you could make up a batch of this easy DIY homemade carpet spot cleaner. It’s only two ingredients, but boy is it powerful! So powerful that this recipe has been taking Pinterest by storm. So maybe you’ve heard of it. But whether you have or haven’t, you’ve got to give this powerful little combo a try!

Supplies Needed

DIY Carpet Spot Cleaner Recipe Instructions

Homemade Carpet Spot Cleaner Recipe

Gather your supplies. Like I said above with the dish soap, it’s gotta be Dawn. I’ve heard that the green works as well as the blue, but personally I only ever use the blue so I’m not sure about that.

You’ll also need a cleaning brush to use as an abrasive or an old toothbrush. And then you’ll want to grab two towels, one wet and one dry.

For the spray bottle, this is optional. I tried using it with the spray bottle and found it a bit hard to get out of it. It might be that I didn’t fill it enough though. Or it could be that my Dollar Store spray bottle wasn’t really working that great. You can try it with the spray bottle or simply just pour it on the spots you want to clean.

Next mix together one part Dawn and two parts Hydrogen Peroxide in your spray bottle or other container.

DIY Carpet Cleaner Recipe

Pick your target. I have FAR too many targets to pick, but this was a good big (and set in) stain to try. This stain has been here for awhile and I’ve tried commercial carpet spot cleaners on it with no affect. I have no idea what it is. With kids, who knows.

Note: Please ignore the OTHER stain in the top left of the picture. You’ll see that in the after photo too because I haven’t gotten there yet! lol I plan to tackle that one next. But the big one in the center is the focus for now. 🙂

Spray or pour the mixture onto the spot that needs cleaned. Let it sit for about 30 seconds or so (you can also do a quick scrub to make sure it’s dispersed on the stain, and THEN let it sit for 30 seconds).

Using your cleaning brush or toothbrush scrub the area really well. Depending on how set in your stain is, you might want to do more or less scrubbing. This mixture works so well that you really don’t need much scrubbing, but it does help.

Homemade Carpet Spot Cleaner Recipe

Now use your wet towel to scrub and rub it even more. Lots of soap bubbles will form so you might have to rinse out your towel and then re-dab it again. Then when you’re all set use the dry towel to dab up the remainder.

DIY Carpet Spot Cleaner Recipe

Let it dry and enjoy your now stain free (at least in that spot) carpet. Again, please ignore the OTHER stain in the top left of the picture, I’ll get getting to that one next. But the big stain in the middle…well, it’s gone! Awesome!

Finally, a carpet spot cleaner that’s homemade, easy, and WORKS!

I hope you have the same success that I did with this carpet spot cleaner. I’ve heard that it also works with clothes but I haven’t tried that yet. I’m definitely curious if it’ll work on rust stains for clothes because we have really hard water and it likes to eat our clothes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 🙂

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