Book Review: 100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson

Book Review: 100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa JacobsonA few months ago I stumbled up a little book called 100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson. Every so often I will kind of research little things that maybe I could be doing a little better in my marriage. There’s always room for improvement! And especially after we’ve had kids it can be really easy to overlook that my husband has needs too. His needs aren’t quite as LOUD as my children’s needs are, but they are needs nonetheless.

100 Ways to Love Your Husband is a simple little book that can help to spark ideas and help the creative juices start flowing when it comes to being the best wife you can be for your husband.

About the Author

Lisa Jacobson is a Christian woman who is married to Matthew. Together they’ve raised eight children and she has a passion for her husband and her family that she shares on her website She has a love for the high calling of being a wife and mother.

About the Book

100 Ways to Love Your Husband is one of two companion books. There is also 100 Ways to Love Your Wife written by her husband Matthew. Both books strive to offer practical, hands-on advice that you can apply to your marriage immediately. These practical books offer real-life instruction on how to enjoy all that marriage has to offer.

When I first purchased the book, what I didn’t realize is that it’s formatted so that there is sort of one “tip” per page. I thought it would be more of an instructional book, but it’s more of a quick read, one tip per day, kind of book.

Every several tips there will be a little story that goes along with it, but for the most part each tip is one per page and without much else other than that.

There are some great practical tips that you can try out the day you read them, like “laugh at his jokes” and “fix his favorite foods”. But there is also just some generic advice like “put your love for God first” and  “remember the one you fell in love with” that you kind of need to apply gradually over time rather than just trying on for size one day. But there seems to be a good mix between the two types of tips throughout.

What I liked about the book

Even though I didn’t expect the book to be the quick, one tip per page, kind of book, I actually really liked this. Because it’s a great book to pick up and just flip through if you’re trying to think of something nice you can do for your husband. I really loved that about the book and it’s probably my favorite thing about the book.

What I thought could be improved upon

Although I do like the one tip per page, I thought some of the tips were kind of too generic. Like these are things we should be doing anyways, not necessarily very actionable tips. I think I would’ve liked all of the tips to be more actionable, even though a lot of them were.

There were also a few stories in the book that stemmed from one of the tips that I thought were a little too revealing. Although this is written by a Christian woman, there are some intimate moments she talks about with her husband that I could’ve probably done without. It’s not too bad, but it just seems like those moments were kind of private and didn’t need to be shared in the book. She could’ve made her point just fine without including a few of the stories she did.

Final thoughts on the book

Overall I like this little book. I like that it’s quick to read through one or two when you have a moment, and I like that you can flip through to one of the tips to try each day. I love that it’s from a Christian perspective and the concept of putting God first is prevalent.

I would definitely recommend it to Christian wives looking to be more actionable in their love towards their husbands.

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