8 Ways to Reconnect With Your Husband Everyday

8 Ways to Reconnect With Your Hubby EverydayLife with kids can get…hectic, to say the least. And it can be all too easy to put our relationships with our hubbies to the sidelines. Our husbands get it, don’t they? They know we’re busy and can’t pay as much attention to them, right?

Sure they do. But does that mean they need that connection with you any less? No. They need it, and sometimes when life is so distracting, it takes a concentrated effort to reconnect throughout the week, let alone throughout the day.

So here are 8 ways that you can reconnect with your husband throughout the day. Doing even just a few of these things every day will make a world of difference in your relationship and the closeness you feel with each other. So grab a cup of coffee…sit back, and make a plan to woo that hubby of yours.

Wake up before (or with) him in the morning

This might be a tough one, depending on when your husband leaves for work. I know my husband’s work schedule varies and there are times he wakes up at 4:30 in the morning. And then there’s times (like now) when he’s on the night shift and is getting home in the morning when I’m getting up. Not fun.

But if your husband does have the luxury of having a fairly normal wake up time, then consider waking up before (or with) him in the morning before the kids get up. This can be a great time to re-connect. Maybe make him breakfast or even just start his coffee for him. Even if your husband isn’t a big morning person (ahem *raises hand*) then just being there in the morning to see him off can still make a big difference for him. It doesn’t have to be a time of deep conversations, but rather quiet companionship.

Leave him love notes in his lunch box

If your hubby takes his lunch then leaving him a love note or two in his lunch box would be such a cute idea. Every husband is different, of course. But I think most of them would like to get a sweet surprise note during the middle of his long (and probably stressful) day.

Keep it simple, or share an inside joke, or whatever will make him smile. You know him the best. Think about those times when you were first dating and would be more lovey-dovey. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, because truly it’s the thought that counts here. Even just a “love you sweetie!” would more than likely be most welcomed.

Make him is favorite dessert to come home to

Does your husband love brownies or perhaps peanut butter cookies (like mine)? Plan to make him a batch of his favorite dessert to come home to. Bonus points if you make it close enough to when he comes in the door for him to smell the yummy deliciousness when he first walks in.

This would be a great thing to do with the kids too. Tell them you’re going to make something special for daddy. Just make sure you and the kids don’t eat it all before he gets home. lol Guilty here!

Send him short and sweet texts throughout the day (within reason)

I can’t stress enough that you can’t go overboard with this. Because some guys can get in trouble at work for this and we don’t want him to be too distracted. But sending him a one or two texts throughout the day with sweet little love notes would be a great way to tell him you’re thinking of him.

Keep the notes short and to the point so he doesn’t have to read too much while he’s at work. Don’t go overboard, try to keep it to just one or two (unless he’s texting you back, of course). And make sure these sweet “just cause you love him” texts don’t include any honey-dos! You want him to know you’re thinking of him because you love him, not just because you have a task for him to do. 😉

Greet him at the door when he comes home

I don’t always do this, but I know when I do I can tell that my hubby really appreciates it. But when you hear him pull up in the driveway stop what you’re doing if you’re able to, unlock and crack open the door and be there to greet him with a smile and hugs.

After a really long and probably stressful day, this kind of thing goes such a long way. To know that you’re thinking of him and are happy to see him will make his day. And bonus points if you have his favorite dessert in hand too. 🙂

Make his favorite dinner

Do you know what your husband’s favorite meals are? If not, take time one day to ask him. Make a list and then plan to make him his favorite dinners more often. Even if they aren’t your favorite, going out of your way to make him those things which bring him warmth and comfort will mean so much to him.

Try to take at least one day a week to purposefully make him one of his favorite dinners. If you have a list of at least 4-5 of his favorites then you can rotate them so you can make sure not to make them so often they won’t be his favorites anymore. lol

Go to bed when he goes to bed

Depending on your situation, there might be days where it’s so tempting to stay up after everyone (including your hubby) has gone to bed so that you can get other stuff done or just have some alone time. Try to avoid this. Because going to bed at the same time as your husband can have a big impact on your marriage (for good or bad).

There are several reasons for this. The first one is that it’s good for you to be available for him intimately if he needs it. But the other is just so you can end out the day together. It’s a special thing to curl up together to go to sleep. Even if you don’t cuddle all night, the initial laying down together is sort of an unspoken connection between each other. A way of saying “we’re in this crazy life together”.

Stay up later TOGETHER for a date night in

On nights when staying up late after the kids go to bed is an option, consider staying up late together and whip out a date night in idea. Whether that be just cuddling up on the couch for a movie together or something else a little more creative. If you need some ideas, you can check out my date night ideas post here.

Reconnecting daily with your husband is vital to your marriage

Don’t think that you have to do every single thing on this list every single day. But doing one or two of these things every day is so vital. Whatever way you’re able to reconnect with your husband, it’s important that you do. Because you’re in this crazy life together. And God designed marriage to be a partnership built on the foundation of Jesus, with the pillars of love and respect to support a strong and healthy marriage. So take time to reconnect with your husband today, no matter how small of a step you take.

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