7 Things You Need to Be a Productive Homemaker

7 Things You Need to be a Productive HomemakerDo you consider yourself a productive homemaker? Do you feel accomplished at the end of every day or do you feel like you’ve ran a marathon all day long only to find yourself no further along than when you started in the morning?

Believe me, I’ve been there too. And it doesn’t feel good to feel like you’re constantly running in place, gaining no traction in your homemaking and always living in survival mode.

But here’s the thing…being a productive homemaker doesn’t just happen (well, at least it doesn’t for most of us). It takes intentional planning. And having the right tools along the way never hurts.

There are countless lists and recommendations that can be extremely helpful…or overwhelming (depending on where you’re at in all this). So I’m going to keep this super simple…

Here are just 7 things that you need to turn your homemaking from chaotic to productive.

A plan to Find balance in place

Finding balance in homemaking can sometimes seem like a far fetched dream, maybe even it’s just a myth. But there are ways to find balance between all the tasks that demand of your time every day. A plan to find balance includes taking stock of the time you have every day and of the things that need to get done every day. And then making sure that you don’t have more planned than you have hours in the day! I know, impossible right?

Well, if you’re interested in learning more about how to do this, head on over to my blog post all about finding balance in your homemaking to learn more about how to do this step by step.

The right planner/planning system

Finding the perfect planning system is right up there with finding balance. It seems like a never ending search, doesn’t it? But once you find just the right system that works for you, your family, your home, and your personality, it’s completely worth it. Because if you find a planner/planning system that you actually use and is working for you, you will be FAR more productive in your homemaking.

Just keep in mind that the hunt for the right planning system will take time and a lot of trial and error.  You will probably spend money on things you don’t use later and you will probably get discouraged from time-to-time. But don’t give up. Keep on searching and pushing through. You will find just the right system if you don’t give up.

The self-discipline to say no (to yourself)

There will be times when you are working hard on something and you get into such a good groove that you don’t want to stop. And there will be days when you feel downright lazy and don’t feel like doing anything on your task list. These are the days that you really need to exercise your self-discipline muscles.

Being able to say no to yourself is one of the hardest things to learn. But you need to be able to force yourself to stop a task if it’s time to move on to another and be somewhat satisfied with the progress you did make. And you need to be able to give yourself pep talks to keep pushing through the days that you feel like just doing nothing.

With the self-discipline in place to do this, you will be more productive and much more satisfied with your progress each day.

Tips, advice, and encouragement from other homemakers

There are a lot of ladies who have walked in your shoes (or shoes very similar). There’s no reason to feel like you have to do all of this completely alone. In Titus 2 God even encourages older women to teach the younger women. So there is no shame in learning from those who have gone through what you’re struggling with. And with the internet at your fingertips there is quite literally a plethora of information available to you that can help.

One of my favorite homemaking resources that becomes available once a year or so is The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. There are always such great resources in this bundle and they seem to make it better every year. [timed-content-server show=”04/11/2018 00:00 America/Detroit” hide=”04/17/2018 00:00 America/Detroit”]This year it’s available until April 16th and trust me when I say, it’s totally worth it. So hop on over to grab your copy before it’s gone![/timed-content-server]

The right tools to get the job done

Having a plan is all fine and good. But when it comes time to get down to work, if you don’t have the right tools to get the job done…then it might just not get done. Having the right housekeeping tools, organization tools, etc. makes all the difference in the world. And unfortunately if you don’t have the right tools then what happens is you get discouraged and give up altogether.

So rather than letting that happen, invest in your home by investing in the proper tools that you need to keep your home neat, tidy, organized, and well-managed. This isn’t a waste of money. It will pay off when you and your family are less stressed and enjoy your home much more.

The right mindset and a “can-do” mentality

Sometimes what it really takes to be productive is just the right attitude. Looking around at everything that needs to get done every day, it can be easy to get discouraged and give up on even getting started. But if you get into the right mindset to roll up your sleeves and just start somewhere, then you can find yourself much more productive.

There comes a time when planning and having the right tools only goes so far. Because if you don’t have the right attitude about getting the things done you need to each day then you probably won’t get very far.

So find a way to get into the right mindset. Find things that will help you with this. Perhaps it’s music, or the promise of a Sabbath rest each week. Or maybe you promise yourself a reward for getting a certain thing done. Whatever works for you, do what you can to get into a positive, can-do mentality each day.

Having alone time with God every day

If I were to compare the days when I get into my Bible and have some quiet time with God to the days that I bypass this because I just have too much on my plate, you want to know something funny? The days that I actually take the time to spend with God are actually FAR MORE productive. Despite the extra time I spend away from the tasks that “need” to get done each day.

I can’t tell you how this works, but it does. God is a miracle worker. And spending time with Him opens doors to having the right attitude, setting the right stage, and preparing yourself for the day ahead.

So don’t bypass this alone time with God. Even if you don’t feel like you can spare a lot of time, try to give what time you can give. God will meet you where you’re at and He will bless you for all the time you spend with Him. Believe me, you need it more than you care to admit.

Being a more productive homemaker is possible!

You can be a more productive homemaker. It’s entirely possible. But it does take intentional planning, investing in the right tools, the right mindset, and keeping your eyes on God every day. Take each day step by step and work towards creating a plan to be a more productive and effective homemaker.

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