5 Easy Ideas to Bring Peace to Your Home

5 Easy Ideas for Creating a Peaceful HomeIt’s the end of a really long day. You had what felt like a million errands to run. You got into an argument with your best friend. Your kids have been in cranky moods all day. And all you want to do is kick up your feet and relax. Where do you turn to? More than likely you’ll look for peace at home.

But how can you create a peaceful atmosphere at home? I want to propose just 5 simple ideas where you can start learning how to make peace at home. At the end of this post you can download the free printable checklist that can help with getting started.

Declutter ONE Space in Your Home

We have a clutter problem in our house. Decluttering is something always on my mind to do. But, it can be hard to know where to start. Let me make it really simple for you (and me). Start in the room that your family spends the most time in OR start with the room that greets you when you first walk in the door. You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you have less for your eyes (and mind) to brush over. By decluttering just that ONE space, you will find so much more peace at home. You might even feel so good that you’ll start decluttering other rooms in the house as well.

Make an Attitude Adjustment

Did you know your attitude can impact the atmosphere around you? Scientific studies have shown this to be true. When someone has a bad attitude, it can make you feel uncomfortable and stressed out. You can’t force a good attitude onto your kids or spouse, but you can change your own attitude. Even if you’re not feeling happy, choose to show joy and contentment anyways. Doing this can actually change your attitude. It will also have a big impact on your family. Attitudes (good and bad) are contagious!

5 Ideas for Making Peace at HomeBrighter is Better

Studies have shown that people get more depressed in the winter time because it’s not as bright and sunny. I’m sure you’ve noticed that your mood can be affected by a cloudy or sunny day. Translate this concept to your home as well. While people do respond better to sunlight than artificial light, you can still create an environment that is bright and cheerful. As with decluttering, start working on the room where your family spends most of the time OR the space you see when you first come into the house.

Appreciate the Sounds of Childhood

Having children is NOISY. Sometimes we can get caught up in it being too loud that we don’t take a step back and enjoy the noises of having children. The laughter, the toys clunking together, the imaginative play, even the loud screeches. Take a moment to imagine if those sounds were suddenly just gone. You’d kind of miss them, wouldn’t you? There is something special about the sounds of childhood. So the next time you feel like putting in the earplugs, take a moment to appreciate the sounds of having children in the house. They really do add to the feeling of joy and peace that can be found in a lived-in and love-filled home.

Invite God Into Your Life and Home

I’ve saved this one for last because it’s the most important. Our earthly homes aren’t our forever homes. But, God has blessed us with our homes to be a sanctuary away from the world. If you want a warm and inviting home, you need to fill it with the love of God. Having a relationship with God invites His presence and peace into our homes. If you’re doing all the other steps above and it still feels like something’s missing from your home, consider that it might be God that’s missing. Welcome Jesus into your life and home. Pray for repentance, and then ask for His peace, love, and joy to cover your home. Start delving deeper into your relationship with Him and you’ll be amazed by the change in the atmosphere around you.

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