The most important ministry as a mother.As a mother, leading your children to Christ is the most important ministry you will have in this lifetime.

Think about it…

You want to be a witness for God. You want to bring others to Christ. You want to share the love of God with those you meet. Maybe you even have grand visions of starting a ministry.

But are you ministering to your children in the same way?

You are the one who gives your children their first impression of God.

You are the first person who will ever have an opportunity to witness to them.

While they’re young, you are the biggest influence in their lives.

This is why it is so important to view parenting as a ministry. Because it is. The Bible says that children are a blessing from the Lord; and it also says that we are to train them up in the way they should go.

That’s what being a ministry minded mom is about. Being aware that everything you do in your children’s lives has the potential to be an opportunity to minister to them.

So my vision for the Ministry Minded Mom blog is to bring awareness, encouragement, and practical resources to equip Christian mom’s with what they need to train their children in the ways of the Lord.

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Everything we do in our homes and in our lives as mother’s is a ministry:

  • How our attitude looks when we are doing things we don’t want to do (like, in my case, cleaning)
  • How hard we work at the roles we’ve been given by God
  • How much our relationship with God reflects in the things we do
  • How we respond to the lures of the world in light of our relationships with God
  • How we respond to our children’s attitudes towards us
  • and the list could go on and on…

Literally everything from cleaning to schooling to our attitudes plays a big role in how effective our ministries as mothers are.

My hope and prayer is that Ministry Minded Mom will be a light for you in this darkest valley (the world). A light which points you back to God’s word and will for your life and role as a mother.

When my first son was born in 2015, I looked around the world and became afraid for him and what he would have to see in his lifetime. I became a bit paralyzed with the thought that there was nothing I could do to protect him from turning into just another victim of this world.

But that all changed when God started really working on me (but more on that later).

I can tell you that it is not impossible to raise Kingdom minded kids in a world that is quickly becoming more and more corrupt. I know this to be true and find hope in that fact when even my two year old has a desire to pray and memorize scripture.

But it takes seriously intentional parenting. It takes a lot of discernment on the part of the parent, especially while your children are young. Before you’re able to teach them how to filter for themselves, you must be the filter for them.

Here’s how Ministry Minded Mom can help you in that journey:

As Christians, we are sister’s in Christ. And even though I do not, and will never claim to, have all the answers, I have a passion, desire, and what I believe to be a calling from God, to help and encourage my brethren in Christ in strengthening their walks with God.

My plans for Ministry Minded Mom keep growing every day. I have so many notes, it’s getting a bit crazy! But, here’s just a few ways things that this blog and community will help you with as a Christian mom:

  1. Advice on Christian-minded parenting and how it differs from secular parenting
  2. Encouragement in your marriage and exploring what our roles as Christian wives should look like
  3. Helpful how tos to make life a little less stressful and to bring more peace to your life and home
  4. Homeschool ideas, freebies, tips and resources to keep your homeschooling Christ-centered
  5. How to find God in the everyday tasks of being a Christian homemaker
  6. Tips for managing your home more effectively and with less stress
  7. Mommy time ideas and resources so you can refresh and restore yourself for the sake of your family
  8. And most importantly, devotionals, Bible studies, and discussions about the Bible and Christian living

I’m sure I’ve missed a few! But those are just some of the ways that Ministry Minded Mom will help you as a Christian mom.

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My name is Sarah, and I’m in the trenches with you, my friend.

About MeI’ve been married to my best friend for almost 10 years now. We have two sweet (and challenging!) little kiddos (so far). Our oldest is three year old boy (born in February of 2015) and our youngest (a girl) just recently turned one (born in July 2017)

When our son was born in 2015 a lot changed for my husband and I in terms of our walks with God. I grew up in a Christian home, and my husband grew up Catholic. But I can say that neither of us ever took our faith very seriously. I’d even venture to say we were both pretty lukewarm Christians.

After our son was born the Holy Spirit really began working on us and everything started changing.

My husband came first and when he started getting into his Bible every night I took notice. As we began speaking more about his renewed and changed walk, the fire within me began re-kindling as well.

In the meantime, I looked around at this sinful and sometimes downright frightening world that we lived in and I feared for my son. I feared that he would be lured away from God as I had for so many years. I feared that there was really nothing we could do about it; that we were helpless to the lure of living of the world, rather than just in it. I still  have these concerns for my children and pray about this frequently.

However, God started a Fire within me that screamed “NO. I will NOT fear. I will NOT give up. My God is bigger than the world and I will train up my child(ren) in the ways of the Lord!”.

I’m not perfect at this. In fact, there are days when I get frustrated and angry, and even days where I question if I’m even capable of doing this. Sometimes I don’t even know how to react to my son’s terrible two tantrums in a Christian way. But, I’m not giving up.

I firmly believe that cultivating an inviting and loving home rooted in God will greatly help children to make the right decisions when faced with tough choices. This doesn’t just extend to parenting and discipline.

Creating an environment that is peaceful and safe and covered with prayer and God’s word is such a huge ministry too; and not just for your children, but for your husband and yourself as well!

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